If you have been looking at a lot of other wedding filmmakers, it's hard to know what really stands out to make your day everything you want it to be. In our honest experience, picking someone who's style suits what you're after, but nothing will get you the right choice than recommendations. Have conversations with your friends you threw banger weddings, have chats with your other suppliers, and find out what your videographer is really like on the day. 

If we could guess what people say about us (despite the fact you can read what they say in our reviews) its that we are a ton of fun, we care a whole lot about how you're feeling, and we put loads of work into shooting not just your day, but all it's parts, so we can stitch it all together in the film of your dreams. 

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What we offer

Special extras

Raw Footage

Feature Film

Highlight Film

Full days coverage

Pre wedding Meeting

Nothing but the best

PAckages start from $8000

You need a photographer? How about a video confessional booth at your reception like it's an episode of survivor? We got you.

If you want to have your own copy of the footage we are more than happy to supply it. Always good to have a backup! 

Optionally we can edit you a full length film that includes the entire day, the whole ceremony, all the speeches

Your very own wedding film, made with MAMA's secret recipe and a whole lot of love. 

Our coverage is up to 12 hours included, so rest assured we have no intention of going home early or missing anything! 

We're partial to a Bev and Tapas at Follies Bar, but we are happy to video chat. 

Back it up yourself for safe keeping. 

RAW Footage

Between 3-6 minutes in length.

Highlight film

Both Murray & Adrien. Option to extend.

Up to 12 Hours Coverage


Both Murray & Adrien. Option to extend.


Speeches Edit

Ceremony Edit

Watch the whole ceremony, multiple angles.

Watch all the speeches, with reactions.


Back it up yourself for safe keeping. 

RAW Footage

Between 3-6 minutes in length.

Highlight film


Both Murray & Adrien. Option to extend.


Still Frames

Feature Film

A full length film that shows every moment.

Cinematic images, exported and edited.

Back it up yourself for safe keeping. 

RAW Footage

Between 3-6 minutes in length.

Highlight film

Pre Wedding Style Shoot

Your relationship's story can't be told in one day.

BTS Photos

Caught off guard and never posed, B&W film.

Website feature

Nothing short of front page news.

MAMA was truly exceptional and was instrumental in making our day as perfect as it was. Some of our most memorable moments from the day included Murray & Adrien. They exceeded all expectations as videographers and as people. Murray was incredibly helpful and accommodating, going above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable, and that every moment was captured authentically. Their effervescent personalities and easy-going nature made us and our guests feel at ease. Gianni and I consider ourselves extremely lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Murray & Adrien. They are truly masters of their craft, and we look forward to seeing the final product.

Jenna & Gianni

How do we make your wedding unique to you? A party cam that gets passed around to your guests to go wild with? A video confessional booth like your favourite reality show? Interviews with your guests? A dance off competition? 

No 04.

Let us know what is important to you to have the day you've been dreaming of. Do you want to make sure everyone is hitting their best angles? Or just see things happen as they were? We can have as few or many fingers in the pie as you please. 

No 03.

On the day we want to capture what's happening from start to finish. We want to work side by side with your photographer to guarantee not a moment is missed. 

No 02.

Before the wedding, we have our first date. Could be anything from a video call, to drinks at a bar, to a full on pre wedding style shoot! 

No 01.



on your

wedding day

Lights, camera, editing magic! When it comes to crafting your wedding film at MAMA, we take it seriously. After capturing all those incredible moments, we dive into the editing process, giving it our undivided attention. It's like putting together a puzzle, but with video clips, audio snippets, and heart-warming speeches. We carefully select the best moments that reflect your love story. We listen to every word, feel every emotion, and piece it all together with love. Our team spends weeks pouring our heart and soul into creating your film. It's a labour of love, and we're here to make your memories shine.

Before was play, This is where the work begins

MAMA's Secret Sauce

Dance off

We can only encourage you to hear from any couples who've had us grace their dance floor before, we are here to start the party, keep the party pumping, and see it through to the point where the venue kicks us out. 

Aint no Party like a MAMA Party!

Video Confessionals

We set up a space for your guests to come in and share stories, spill gossip, or leave love notes on film, to be enjoyed, laughed with (or at) for years to come. 
You could leave questions for your guests to answer, or have your guests vote each other off the wedding like an episode of survivor.
Create moments to be enjoyed, immortalise the best stories, or just see what your guests were up to while you were on the d-floor!

Who says your wedding film only has to be about you?

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